Sports Club Kaleen Community drop-in Consultation Session


Canberra Town Planning have now completed a draft Planning Study to present to the ACT Government Planning Authority to assist in their consideration of a Territory Plan (TP) Variation for the Kaleen Club site.

This correspondence is part of a second stage of consultation on the draft Planning Study for Block 4 Section 89, Kaleen, the site of the Kaleen Sports Club owned by Eastlake Group (located at 16 Georgina Crescent Kaleen).

The Kaleen Sports Club currently includes the Club, Snap Fitness 24, Fight Smith Boxing, an Indoor Sports Centre and a disused pool. A large surface carpark fronts Georgina Crescent. The sports club is an ageing indoor entertainment and recreation asset and in considering redevelopment opportunities, the proponent recognized that the site could deliver greater benefit, synergies and supporting development to the Kaleen Group Centre in a scenario where the Territory Plan was to be varied.

The block is currently zoned PRZ2 – Restricted Access Recreation in the Territory Plan which allows for the current uses, but limits the opportunities for the site to be refurbished or redeveloped in a viable and sustainable fashion and contribute to the vibrancy of the group centre.

The Proposal
The proposed plan variation seeks to change the zoning of this block to CZ5 Mixed Use. To facilitate the proposed zoning change and secure recreational uses on the site, the variation also proposes changes to the Kaleen Precinct Code and Map.  The proposed changes to the precinct code would require the continuation of club and indoor sports, limiting the type of development on this block, and include height and plot ratio restrictions, and propose the retention of off-site parking within the Group Centre to support both the uses on the Site as well as the activities in the Group Centre into the future.

The intention of the plan variation is to facilitate redevelopment of the club and recreational facilities to ensure the longevity and financial viability of the Kaleen Sports Club.  The proposed variation seeks to facilitate redevelopment of the club and recreational spaces along with residential dwellings which would help to fund the redevelopment.

To support the proposal for rezoning, Cox Architects have prepared an updated notional concept (attached) for the site which has been revised following the first consultation session.  Please note, a development is not being contemplated at this stage, but the concept provides a notional idea of what could be developed should a rezoning be approved.

The Planning Study

The Planning Study has sought to address the requirements of the ACT Planning Authority to assess the suitability of the site for rezoning and consider the likely impacts of the changes. It has also responded to matters raised in the first round of consultation undertaken earlier this year.

The planning study includes the following specialist work:

–    A Traffic and Parking assessment;

–    Engineering services assessment;

–    Noise statement;

–    Phase 1 Contamination report; and

–    Bushfire Statement.

The Variation to the Territory Plan would provide the opportunity for redevelopment of the site. The main change would be the introduction of residential uses as permissible on the site. The Planning Study suggests that the site is broadly suitable for this change and that the change is a positive opportunity for the Group Centre. The owners of the site will still need to undertake a lease variation and development application for a specific redevelopment proposal. At that time the details of the proposal will need to be assessed against the Territory Plan and the prevailing local conditions.

The proposed rezoning is considered a practical and viable solution to allow for redevelopment of the site in a feasible manner, funded by the contribution of residential development.

The proposal would also align with several broader government and planning policy objectives and facilitate positive outcomes such as improved amenity and access to the Group Centre, along with a new viable club and recreational facilities.

Should this proposal not proceed, it is likely that the recreational facilities on this site would deteriorate to a point that they are no longer able to be maintained and the value of these assets would be lost, along with the facilities provided.

Consultation Session Number 2

If you would like to discuss the proposal and the outcomes of the Planning Study in more detail please stop by at the community drop-in Consultation Session to be held on 21 November 2017, at the Kaleen Sports Club (16 Georgina Crescent, Kaleen) between 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

Should you require any additional information on this proposal or if you have any comments to please contact Hope Watson (Canberra Town Planning) on 6262 5091 or via email


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